Nyhavn: Swedes in Linse Kessler Redlight District

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Christoffer and Matilda said yes to posing in front of the Copenhagen Redlight in Nyhavn – owned by Danish reality star Linse Kessler. Respect for being flexible and giving in to one of a blogger’s many crazy ideas(!)! :D

Nyhavn used to be a “bad” part of Copenhagen, but now it’s considered decent and super trendy.

These two sweet people are from Sweden, have lived in Oslo – and now they’re in Copenhagen… Nordic globetrotters!

Uhh, the wind made Matilda’s long hair cover her face. Notice the pretty Christmas lights!

On this cold December day there were not so many people sitting outside… well, hardly any, in spite of luscious heaters placed all over the Nyhavn restaurants.

Looooved Matilda’s boots! BLING BLING. And of course I told her about our sexy shoes contest sponsored by zhoes.dk :-)

Ps. Christoffer and Matilda were considering very seriously to wine & dine on Copenhagen famous Michelin restaurant Noma.

Nyhavn: Swedes in Linse Kessler Redlight District, 4.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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