New Trailer: YES – from Nyhavn to Little Mermaid in 54 Copenhagen Seconds

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Holy… yep, I’m so happy! I love to share my love for Copenhagen with you. And now I’m pretty sure I’ve done it… with this upcoming tourist guide, showing you some great sights. All the way from Nyhavn and the home of H. C. Andersen, with quite a few interesting stops before we reach our final destination: The Little Mermaid.

Little-Mermaid-Statue Copenhagen

Only 1,25 meters tall, I must say her power reaches far beyond that. I guess you have to see it for yourself. Or how about watching our video :) Ready in the complete version on March 3rd 2014. Hey, that’s by the way my birthday – so what a day that will be, celebrating it together with Miss Mermaid!

That’s about it for today, Copenhagen Friend, I’ve been so excited all day preparing the YouTube launch and this post. Now I need to take a deep Copenhagen breath, cook a traditional Danish dinner, enjoy a glass of wine and then… tell The Universe I’m a happy blogger.

Love you!

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New Trailer: YES - from Nyhavn to Little Mermaid in 54 Copenhagen Seconds, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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