Never underestimate your Facebook friend

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What’s a friend – really? Well, someone who’s there for you when you need it. And I must confess I have needed my friends all 2012, when experiencing the ups and downs of my Dad’s illness.

Yesterday there was the final; the funeral, and on my way I posted my thoughts on Facebook – requesting the love and thoughts of my fb friends – just before entering the ceremony. I was frightened, my body refused to walk into the chapel.

Checking my Facebook again several hours later I was comforted by 17 messages from my fb friends, 17 outstanding and loving persons – friends! – who had chosen to spend time writing me a sweet message. A couple of them were not even a Facebook friend, but I made sure to add them and send them a reqest right away:D

So: A friend is also someone who wants to spend their precious time on YOU. Hope you appreciate your fb friends – and their time spent on your posts – as much as I do.

a-g xx

ps. Physical friends outside cyberspace are SO important too – but I guess I’m surprised – and overwhelmed – by the massive Facebook support I have received during the last month. Here’s my überall Topsild friend; sharing a glass of chilled wine and having a great girls’ talk is (still:) impossible on Facebook. Love you, Topsild <3

Never underestimate your Facebook friend, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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