My Unpredicted Purple Hair Tribute to Prince: Cheering in Premium Rosendahl

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Prince purple rain


Shivers down my spine. Every time I hear my favorite Prince song “Purple Rain” – and Thursday when I heard the sad news. Our music legend Prince Rogers Nelson R.I.P. has left this world for the afterworld.

Strangest day – when Prince was found dead at his music studio I was in the middle of my lunch break, having my hair dyed Purple Rain’ish purple at superb Copenhagen hairdresser Frisør Gitte Selvig.




frisør gitte selvig

When back at my blog crib – the news still not revealed – I was happy to prepare a blog post about the new Premium glasses from Danish design company Rosendahl. I fell in love with the every day luxury glass series, had to have it – and had both red wine, white wine, champagne, spiritus and water/beer glasses delivered at my blog crib.

Now it was time to lavish my new Rosendahl glasses with a nice bottle of white wine and celebrate almost-weekend Store-Bededag-Friday-off, together with a few of my lovely roomies:

cheering in rosendahl

Great fun.

rosendahl premiumrosendahl premiumI instantly and absolutely adore the 20’s inspired champagne glasses – on the photo above enjoyed by Annette from Looking forward now to add a little everyday luxury to the table!

Yep, what a Thursday. Pretty intense. When I got home I heard the news, and then we listened to the fabulous music of Prince all night.

Life is strange. Life is beautiful. And most of all I think life is what I make it. When I enter the afterworld myself, I would like to have given something good to this world. Prince definitely did <3.

Peace & Love, a-g

My Unpredicted Purple Hair Tribute to Prince: Cheering in Premium Rosendahl, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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