Ladegourdie Vinimport

Annelise Ladegourdie

Annelise Ladegourdie’s papa is French by birth and founded the company in 1981.  He planted the first stock that was to give nourish to the close and wide relationships Ladegourdie Vinimport has to producers all over France.

From the age of 11, Annelise follows her papa to the different vineyards. She spends hours in the cellars listening to the talk of wine of the domain.  “Life is too short for bad wine”, she says. The scent of both the farms and the land are still very special to her.


About our partnership
CPH BLONDE is proud to offer wine studies for women in Copenhagen, hosted by Annelise and Ladegourdie Vinimport. Our next wine study in Copenhagen is April 8+9, and we’re so much looking forward to spoiling you with wine tasting, dinner, knowledge about the combination of wine and food and much more!

Danish TV2 Lorry stepped by and filmed our pre-press wine study event in January:


We were happy to enjoy the company of wine journalist Gunnhild Bjørnsti (upper right), her article about our wine study will be in Norwegian Tara magazine 26 February.

If you would like to watch us on TV2 Lorry, please click here – and move to about 17 minutes and 35 seconds into the program:

TV2 Lorry


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