From A to Ouch: My Oslo Maraton 2015

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Exactly 2 weeks ago I found myself at Copenhagen Airport, heading for Oslo. Not sure whether I would be able to run Oslo Maraton 2015 the day after; it was like my body hurt all over. I had recently exaggerated my training so my back muscles still felt sore.

I walked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame –  so how could I possibly run a maraton?

Looking back, actually being sore was totally ok, a result from the efficient treatment at Copenhagen clinique Brain and Body the day before.

So – the next day my body and I actually had a party, at least for the first 39 kilometers. Have a look, and LOL – notice how my facial expression changes from all smiles, to being under a bit of pressure…:

Have a relaxing weekend ;)


Peace & Love,


From A to Ouch: My Oslo Maraton 2015, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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