My Nordic BMW M Driving Experience

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“Soft hands on the steering wheel”. Per is one of the excellent instructors.

Hello, friend,

Look what I’ve been up to :-) Last week I had the pleasure of learning new driving skills, becoming a better driver and testing my limits at Falkenbergs Motorbana in Sweden. And… driving BMW M3 Sedan og BMW M4 Coupé : Welcome to the BMW M Driving Experience!

Falkenberg in Sweden is a mere 2 hour drive from Copenhagen – and 4 hours from Oslo, Norway, and also quite accessible for Finnish participants. Which makes it a perfect Nordic meeting point.

Our resort was Falkenberg Strandbad. Lovely. We arrived the day before, and I slept like a princess in my big royal bed (see photo above), so I felt SO refreshed and ready for my BMW M Driving Experience, starting at 9 am and lasting for 7,5 intensive hours.

We were welcomed with an introduction, preparing us for the day after, accompanied by a nice glass of champagne.

Ohhh… here we go! My driving partner is Malene Raith from Pret à partir. She’s quite an experienced driver, and yep, I enjoyed some good advice. We learned so much on the day. For instance how to approach the turns, drive safely… and fast.

Avoid hitting for instance a moose crossing the road – great experience: Driving 90 km/hour, hit the bottom of the brakes, steering away from “the moose”, and the car miraculously stops completely only few seconds later. Makes me feel more safe, prepared and secure when driving in my everyday life, when having tested something I never hope will happen in real life.

Nalle <3 Nalle used to be a famous rally driver, and him now sharing his knowledge and experience is a gift. And the best part… when you did well (we all did, how could we not with superb instructors and all that good advice), he was really good at praising us and celebrating our successes.

Team photo!

Peace and love,

Ps. It feels good to be back xx


Bonus info for car (BMW) enthusiasts:
We were driving BMW M3 Sedan and BMW M4 Coupé. Both cars equipped with M Competition (DKK 142.574), contributing with 450 HP and 280 km/hour (standard: 431 HP and 250 km/hour).

BMW M3 Sedan:

BMW M4 Coupé:


My Nordic BMW M Driving Experience, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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