My nail rescue at Skodsborg Beauty Spa

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IMEDEEN hair & nails

Last week I was invited to the IMEDEEN press release of their new hair & nails product at the Skodsborg Beauty Spa, located only 20 minutes from Inner City Copenhagen. And oh, was I being spoiled… even more on this in tomorrow’s blog post.

Skodsborg Spa Beauty

Aah… sitting here in the lovely care of Beauty Therapist Ayal. My nails were in such a bad condition; outgrown and seriously needing some care, that I was a bit embarrassed about flashing my hands. So – no before-photos, really (;

Skodsborg Spa Beauty

Don’t you just love it when your Beauty Therapist is this beautiful? Ayal possesses both inner and outer beauty. With great professionalism and diplomacy she doesn’t make any negative remarks about my ugly and mistreated nails. On the contrary she’s comforting me with a “your nails are going to be just fine”.

Skodsborg Spa Beauty

I just love this bright coral color.

Skodsborg Spa Beauty

The nail polish is a Shellac one, avoiding my nails to crack.

Skodsborg Spa Beauty

Almost there…

Skodsborg Spa Beauty

Feeling like a new woman with my “new” nails. And funny how I tend to gesticulate and use my hands even more, when I know I have great looking nails. Yep, it’s all about confidende. And yes, beauty :D

Prices range from DKK 150 – check out the Nail Spa treatments, highly recommendable


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Ps. Read more about the Skodsborg Beauty Spa

Skodsborg Beauty Spa

My nail rescue at Skodsborg Beauty Spa, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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