My 3 best Christmas presents from Søstrene Grene

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… I certainly don’t hope the receivers of these three gifts read my blog, then they’ll know what’s inside the package…

Have you finished your Christmas presents yet? Well, hello there, I just started yesterday… and I want to share with you 3 of my best buys, from gift hunting at Søstrene Grene, Copenhagen Strøget:

1. For my sister: Delicious tea and a head massage… thing!

Wellness kit from Søstrene Grene

My sis loves to drink tea at night, so I’ve found her some delicious decaf ones. Yummie, the Honey Vanilla Chamomile – why didn’t I get one for myself, too… :/ And since she’s a hardworking nurse, I figured she would enjoy this hair massage fellow, to completely unwind – while drinking her decaf tea with the other hand – smile.

Price: EUR 1 per tea box and EUR 2 for the hair massage hubby.

2. For my father-in-law: A hammer with a built-in bottle opener

The Beer Hammer - LOL

LOL – looking so much forward to handing over this present. Don’t know if I can hold my horses until Dec. 24… imagine my sweet dad-in-law working hard, and not having to chase the bottle opener when sitting down for a well-deserved beer. Swell!

Price: EUR 3,89.

3. For my niece: Lovely Rose Garden Home Fragrance

Rose Garden from Søstrene Grene

Dreaming myself away to the British countryside with the smell of this great gift case. 1 scented clay + 1 scented sachet + 1 scented oil. Price: EUR 7.

Only a few presents to go, but now I don’t think I should reveal more in cyberspace…

Peace & Christmas Love,

My 3 best Christmas presents from Søstrene Grene, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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