Mother’s Day with Pandora: All Women are Unique

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Danish Pandora is one of my favorite jewelry brands. Mother’s Day coming up, they have made the cutest video, where blindfolded children try to find their “right” mother – have a look and see what happens… :

Makes me think of – and miss my own mother, who lives in Norway. Fortunately I will meet Mama Norway – in Norway, in only one week from today :D

Ohh, here she is:

Mama Norway

Yep, it’s the lovely woman in the black and white dotted dress. I’m sure if I was blindfolded I could find my mother at an instant. Why? LOL – it’s because she always wears lots and lots of lipstick! Which by the way is always bright red.


Mama Norway once told me, when I was a baby and lying in the cradle beside her, she always held my hand at night. Isn’t that sweet? And isn’t Mother’s Day all about recognizing the woman in our hearts?

Peace & Love,


The mothers in the video





Mother's Day with Pandora: All Women are Unique, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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