Miss Copenhagen: The Blue Planet is here!

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Den Blå Planet - Connie Maria Westergaard

We’ve been waiting for more than two years for it to be finished. 22 March 2013, Den Blå Planet – The Blue Planet – Denmark’s new aquarium finally opens its doors to a whirlwind of underwater adventure. Our guest blogger Miss Copenhagen was so lucky to get hold of a ticket to the preopening this Sunday. Here is what to look forward to…

Den Blå Planet Koralrevet - Connie Maria Westergaard

The 10,000 m2 large building could not be more different inside and outside from the old Denmark’s Aquarium, which is of course closed now, in Charlottenlund north of Copenhagen. Located on the edge of the Oresund sound, one metro stop from Copenhagen Airport, the new aquarium, The Blue Planet, is first of all a spectacular piece of architecture, shaped like a whirlwind in water, as a hint of the sea world that is waiting for you inside.

Den Blå Planet - Connie Maria Westergaard

It has been built by Danish architects 3XN, who have also built Ørestad Gymnasium and the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen. It might be a bit harsh for some, but the outside is actually the coolest thing about it, unless you are a big fish nerd! If you are, you will be excited to know that 3,000 old and 17,000 new animals fill up the 53 tanks in the new aquarium.

Den Blå Planet Ocean tank - Connie Maria Westergaard

You will find all kinds of underwater life from sea lions and birds to sharks and anacondas. But do not expect them to be very big, because they are all still youngsters. In a couple of years they will be huge! The Blue Planet is divided into different geographical zones, ex. Amazonas, Africa, the North, the Reef and the Ocean tank where you can walk through a 16-metre long glass tunnel.

Den Blå Planet_Ocean tank tunnel_Photo Connie Maria Westergaard (11)

No cafeteria crap

After I had explored the fascinating underwater creatures, I made a stop at the café, which has a wonderful view of the airport, the windmill park and the sound as well as quality food and drink from Meyers Bakery and Estate Coffee and beer from Nørrebro Bryghus. Not your usual cafeteria crap for sure.

The souvenir shop is pretty cool too, but a bit overpriced, and you cannot really avoid it, as you have to pass through it to leave the building. Clever people! The tickets are a bit on the expensive side too, but you really should go see this wonderful new attraction anyway.

There is no information in English yet, but most likely it is on its way. Go to: http://www.denblaaplanet.dk

Read more from Miss Copenhagen at www.misscph.com

Den Blå Planet - det kolde vand - Connie Maria Westergaard

Miss Copenhagen: The Blue Planet is here!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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