What’s Up with CPH BLONDE?

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This blog post is dedicated to my very dear friend Nancy who passed away this Friday. RIP, always in my heart <3

It’s a beautiful Monday here in beautiful Copenhagen. I rushed to my office club at Kongens Nytorv today, looking so much forward to write and share this post with you. So much has happened in 2017 – good things, and I’m quite excited about 2018. So what has been up with CPH BLONDE this year? Where to start…

We’ve launched our official event site, aiming at helping individuals and groups plan an extraordinary stay in Copenhagen. At first we made it in Norwegian, targeting the Norwegian market. Maybe because I’m Norwegian born myself? :) Then an increasing number of non-Norwegians, too, asked for our services, including lovely blog readers from UK, Germany and China – so we made a final decision and made the event site in English.


Also, we have made a complete overview of what we actually offer. I love to help others succeed with their blogs and websites. The CPH BLONDE site today is a result of trial and error, and why should you make the same mistakes like we did? When we can show you the do’s & dont’s from the beginning. For instance how to SEO optimize, in order to be found on the world wide web.

What else is new: Happy to offer the perfect Christmas gift; Danish lunch & cooking class – check out billetto.co.uk.

Sponsored posts is a service as well. A lot of bloggers don’t do sponsored posts in order to keep their authenticity and go for high quality content. In my opinion the one doesn’t exclude the other. The key is to be critical, say yes to the sponsors who are able to deliver high quality content to your blog – and always write in your own opinion.


By the way, we had our first worldwide PR trip outside Denmark this year… well, not farther away than Stavanger, Norway ;) – but what a fabulous start. We brought Danish red sausages to my hometown, very well appreciated.

We launched a contest, with the following prizes (to be enjoyed in 2018) & lucky winners.

Champagne, Diamonds & Diamond Stories at the VIP lounge of Bach Mouritsen, Kongens Nytorv
Winners: Thomas J. Middelthon, Kenneth Habbestad and Alex Hart.

Guided Tour in Copenhagen – with a-g / CPH BLONDE, to Copenhagen hidden gems
Winners: Anne Espedal, Eirik Bergjord, Louvise & Morten Hagland and Svein Erik Reienes.




Wishing you a very Merry Christmas <3


All my best,


What's Up with CPH BLONDE?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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