Louis Vuitton Girls at Strøget share their favorite drink

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Michelle and Diana were sparkling and hard to ignore – they seemed to have so much :-)

… walking down the main shopping street, that I couldn’t help to disturb them.

Yep, after 10 seconds they had to crack big lovely smiles & lots of LOL.

Michelle (left) recommends you to have your Copenhagen dinner at Umami, a highly praised Japanese cuisine restaurant. Make sure to go for the kobe meat dish with wasabi and truffle sauce! Finish your evening with a ginger passion drink…

And Diana (right) is a MASH girl. Choose their t-bone and order macaroni & cheese for a great side-dish (well, I guess, if you’re hungry:-) Complete your perfect meal with a mojito:


Louis Vuitton Girls at Strøget share their favorite drink, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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