LOL – my new video: How to be an inauthentic blogger

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Well, hello there ;) The debate is racing in Denmark: How trustworthy are we bloggers – really? Can you rely on what we recommend – when we get money for writing our blog posts? The above video, taken at the lovely location of Generator Copenhagen, shows how not to be an authentic blogger, in Danish, but if your Danish sucks, please take a minute and watch it anyway, it’s great fun – and please note I’m only acting it :D

In order to create more openness about the subject, I’m involved in an exciting event coming up next Tuesday, about how to earn money as a blogger – and stay authentic at the same time:



For me being an authentic blogger means the opinion is always my own. And I always have the freedom to say yes or no to a campaign. Here’s one example of a sponsored post on CPH BLONDE – running for hearty health, click here.



Hope to see you there for the event, if you happen to be in Copenhagen. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday (O:

Peace & Love,

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