Life is too short for perfect business solutions

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Life is short – do it now. When I was in California last summer I met a guy who was tattooed all the way around his neck; no fear it said.

This guy made a huge impact on me. I wondered why he had chosen these words. What had happened to him that made him want to put the words in ink – just below his face for everyone to see?

I never got the chance to ask my tattoo guy. If I meet him again someday I sure will!

But his brief entry in my life; being the boyfriend of my Manhattan Beach hairdresser, stepping by that day, has determined my private and business decisions ever since.

That’s why I dare to launch my new e-lifestyle site Sure, it’s not perfect. But it’s good enough. And because content is king that’s where I ‘ll start and focus my resources. And then I can play with design and features along the way – just for the fun of it.

So stop wishing you or your business is perfect before you say GO. Live your dreams – now!

To you – to us: Peace, Love & No Fear,


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