Letter from Martir: Please help me find a job in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen winter bathing

If one of you lovely blog readers help Martir find a job, I will do like Klaus here this upcoming Copenhagen winter… ;)

Well, hello there, couldn’t stand for Martir’s message in my inbox.


… wishing everyone a beautiful day in the most happiest place of the world Copenhagen. I hope someone will make my dream come true!

Remembering myself when moving from abroad to Copenhagen, how dependent I was in the beginning on the help from others. Luckily the Danish Norwegian student union helped me with a place to stay during my first months in Copenhagen; a sweet co-student who let me sleep on a mattress in her living room, in a tiny student apartment.

Now I kind of want to return that favor, and share Martir’s wish – hoping that one of you blog readers can make his dream come true:

Dear CPH Blonde readers,

Looking for jobs in: Restaurants, construction or anything else available. Have a driving licence, category B and C.

About me: My name is Martir from Macedonia – currently a master degree student in civil law at SEEU in Tetovo. I would like to live and work in Copenhagen for a few months.

Highly motivated, enthusiastic, dedicated, openminded, outgoing, communicative, team player.

Computer skills: Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
Hobbies: Tennis, swimming, basketball and soccer.

Hey, if you can help Martir, please contact him on martiriseni@gmail.com or +38 971217718.


Have a fabulous week, Copenhagen Friend (O:

Peace & Love,

Ps. Here’s a useful website for those of you who consider moving to Copenhagen – click here.

Moving to Copenhagen

Letter from Martir: Please help me find a job in Copenhagen, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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