Lazy Copenhagen Sunday: Try frozen yogurt at Yoggie & Berry

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Well, hello there! What to do on a lazy Copenhagen Sunday? Why not spoil yourself with a delicious frozen yogurt at Yoggie & Berry – with a huge and insanely sweet and lovely topping. And LOL – I’ll tell you about the concept so you don’t end up paying DKK 70 – like me :)


I have combined melon, caramel and vanilla. And topping wise there are about 50 toppings to choose between; I instantly fell for fresh strawberries, chocolate, kiwi and goji berries.




Hey, I’d better tell you about the concept:

  1. First you pick a cup – oops, there’s only one big size…
  2. Then you fill up the cup with different variants of frozen yogurt
  3. Just before you pay at the counter you’re tempted with a selection of tasty toppings; candy, chocolate, fresh fruit and berries
  4. Then you put your cup on the weight
  5. Then you scream – when you have to pay DKK 70 (O:

The price is DKK 14 per 100 g.

Less will do: Next time I’ll try to reach a level of only DKK 30-40 – that’s way enough. My big portion actually made me skip lunch, which I normally never do. Just tells me how big and heavy my frozen yogurt meal was.

Where to find Yoggie & Berry:

Do I regret? No way ;) It tasted so good, I’ll probably play naive next time and do the same trick… happy Sunday out there!

Peace & Love,

Ps. I accidentally and luckily passed Hotel D’Angleterre this Friday, just as the Christmas lights were lit:

Lazy Copenhagen Sunday: Try frozen yogurt at Yoggie & Berry, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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