Katrine’s Corner: Testing a Beauty Angel light for a flawless skin

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Please welcome our new Sunday blogger – Katrine from Copenhagen!

udelukkendelund.dk Copenhagen

Hi, I’m Katrine and I’m blogging at udelukkendelund.dk. I’m a guest blogger here at CPH BLONDE, and I will talk a little bit about the Beauty Angel light.

All women wants flawless skin, including me. But unfortunately I suffer from acne.

Katrine udelukkendelund.dk

Before the treatment

To find a cure, I tried a lot of different treatments and lately I have tested the near-infrared Beauty Angel light at Mirage Spa in Copenhagen. The light produces collagen in the skin, which rebuilds the skin and reduce acne, wrinkles, scars, spots, stretch marks etc.

I was a bit skeptical about the light in the beginning but it actually works. I’ve received 9 out of 12 treatments, and as you can see, my skin is doing much better now, than before the treatment. So amazing!

Katrine udelukkendelund.dk

After 6 treatments

There is nothing dangerous about the light, and besides being helpful to a lot of skin problems it is also comfortable and relaxing to lay in the pink light. If you want to know more about Beauty Angel – click here.

Xoxo Katrine

Ps. Become a blogger, too – it’s FREE! Katrine is one of our great teachers at a new blog course in Copenhagen, January 20:

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Katrine's Corner: Testing a Beauty Angel light for a flawless skin, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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