Jackass bye-bye: How my bike crash lead to new guided Copenhagen tours

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Kjeragbolten Norway

Actually, I’m done proving myself to the world and make high risk stunts – just to have other people think I’m SO cool and courageous. No more placing myself on a little Norwegian rock, gazing 900 meters (0,6 miles) down… well, I can inform you I was fully dressed ;) And no more downhill roller skating.

At least I thought so, until I realized the bike race I had signed up for was quite a…

Copenhagen tough bike life...

… bruisy business. I know I’m fully responsible, signed up myself, and there’s a risk for being hit by the other bikers. So when it comes to a conclusion, I’m just mad at myself.

Have you ever been mad at yourself for making – and sticking to a decision?

Ouuuch… but when rocking the sofa, needing to relax my back, elbow and one limping leg, I became creative! I was so bored I got the most brilliant ideas. Well, at least I think so myself (O:

 Here we go: I will make videos on how you can explore Copenhagen like a local – on (a peaceful) bike! 

That’s all I can reveal for now. Stay tuned, I’m looking forward to showing you a Copenhagen, like you’ve been living here for 10 years. Not the regular tourist places, but yep, where you would go if you were a local.

Bar 7 Copenhagen

Cafe7/Bar7 and Studiestræde will definitely be covered in my Copenhagen guided tours

Peace & Blog Love,

Jackass bye-bye: How my bike crash lead to new guided Copenhagen tours, 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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