Introducing: A Copenhagen photographer’s beautiful mind

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Christianshavns kanal Copenhagen Thomas Rousing

I’m SO happy to introduce a new guest blogger on CPH BLONDE; photographer Thomas Rousing. Every week this spring – hey, let’s pre-party and call this spring – he will select a handful of his own favorite Copenhagen photos.

The story: I noticed one heck of a brilliant Copenhagen photo on Flickr – check it out. I contacted the photographer = Thomas Rousing, and asked if I may share this one photo on my blog. Fortunately T.R. said yes. Then quite a few of you readers responded with cyber high fives, the best I’ve ever seen of Copenhagen and so on. And well, here we are, with the first photos chosen by T.R. himself :D Please double click on the photos to enjoy them in full size.

Christianshavns kanal 02

The two photos above are both from lovely Christianshavn, just a walk over the bridge from Inner City Copenhagen. And not far from Freetown Christiana.

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Peace & Love,

Thomas Rousing on Flickr

Introducing: A Copenhagen photographer's beautiful mind, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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