In 2 Days: Get your Scandinavian diamonds at CPH BLONDE

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Copenhagen Luxuries

This Beauty will be available in our new store this Tuesday – from our Copenhagen-New York based diamond dealer Sidsel

I’m SO excited! In two days, this very Tuesday, I’m proud to tell you we’re…

Opening our online store with Scandinavian Luxuries – products adding to your fabulous Copenhagen lifestyle 

The idea is to offer you the best from the Scandinavian companies; the designers, the beauty experts – yep, even the diamond dealers.

I’ll kickstart the webshop with some of my personal favorites. You’re most welcome to inspire me by sending an email, if you know of a great Scandinavian product that we just have to share with the World.

See you again soon on the blog – and in our new store (O: You have a wonderful week!

Peace & Love,


And don’t you think your new diamond ring will fit perfectly – to this 100% silky Danish designer scarf? ;)


In 2 Days: Get your Scandinavian diamonds at CPH BLONDE, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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