I’m Sorry – and Cheers for Copenhagen Blonde in English… and Baileys

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SorryDear Copenhagen Friend,

A couple of days ago I wrote this blog will continue in Norwegian and not be in English any more (except for the Expats Only section). That was a big mistake.

Not that it should be in Norwegian – but in Norwegian only, and totally exclude you international blog readers.

Quite a few of you, many, actually, wrote me direct messages afterwards asking me “why”?

I think I owe you an explanation. To be honest, it was a confused and not a deliberate decision. The right decision is to continue in English. And – make a separate section or site in Norwegian! WILL DO.

uno form Copenhagen


Last night, on my way to Above and Beyond Society Christmas Bazaar at the Copenhagen flagship store of uno form, I felt so relieved that I have made a counter decision that feels right.

I felt so happy – and courageous, having dared to admit I was wrong.

Wearing a bright red dress was just the perfect thing to do.

More on this in a later post, but for now a photo showing my high spirits, celebrating Life and Good Decisions with a nice Espresso Martini Baileys drink…

Yummie, and here’s the recipe:

Baileys uno form

“Sukkerlage” is syrup, shake well with ice, it says – and enjoy it with coffee beans and grated chocolate.

Cheers – and still in English :)

Peace & Love,


I'm Sorry - and Cheers for Copenhagen Blonde in English... and Baileys, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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