How To Look Great This Spring While Staying Warm

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By Lisa Loperfido, guest blogger

Spring is around the corner, and that means Tulip Season!!!

What is your plan for staying warm and dry while enjoying the beautiful spring season this year?

Let’s take a hint from the lovely tulip. It remains in a bulb all year, and finally in the cool months of spring we see its gorgeous head poke through the surface and blossom into a bright and beautiful flower that pops against its grey surroundings.

Copenhagen tulips

Take a style queue from this natural marvel and stand out in your own bright colours this spring! You have probably been wearing your everyday gear like dark jeans and a puffy jacket to keep you warm. Now add a colour pop up top! Grab a scarf in a bright colour and stand out like the beautiful tulip. They have been around way longer than we have, I think they know best. ;)

Copenhagen pashmina scarves

The perfect scarf to achieve this cheerful look is the pashmina, as they are a classic and warm style available in plenty of fun colours. I also love how a bright jacket up top can make a colour statement, but jackets are a big investment so I would rather own one in a neutral colour and let my accessories do the talking. That way you can change colours based on your mood, or match them to your shoes! ;)

Copenhagen Fashion

And what colours should you wear this spring? For starters let’s acknowledge Pantone’s Colour of the Year, 2014 – Radiant Orchid. The lovely subdued fuschia colour looks so pretty with almost every skin tone and stands out like the gorgeous tulips of spring! For more inspiration we can look to the spring runways, which were covered in simple yet bold colours. There wore bright orange lips and ensembles in primary blue and yellow, or black and white. Go bold and pull off a fresh red-orange lipstick. Find a yellow or blue scarf and statement necklaces to go with everything. When you wear all neutral colours, the colours that you add through your accessories will really pop!

Now you are ready to look your best all season long in the fresh colours and styles of spring! Remember, be like the tulip and stand tall and proud amongst the sea of grey, stay warm in bright pashmina scarves and rock what you’ve got.


Thank you for the great inspiration, Lisa! This guest post really kicks off Copenhagen Fashion Week – and gives me a kick of springish energy. Love, a-g aka CPH BLONDE xx

How To Look Great This Spring While Staying Warm, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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