How To Get Happy: Watch Karmakanonen at Hipster Bridge

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Hi Copenhagen Friend,

What a day yesterday! First I meet Aske…

Cool Copenhagen Bike Dude

Such a cool and friendly Copenhagen dude – his hat is from Wardrobe 19 in our Latin Quarter! He loves to take a break at Hipster Bridge on his way home from school. And enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Cool Copenhagen Bike Dude

Speaking of Hipster Bridge. I continue over the street to Hipster Bridge, noting I’m the proud No. 25.780 cyclist passing it today.

Hipster Bridge Cyclist No. 25.780...

And then.. holy mother, approaching a real Hipster Bridge party, performed by Karmakanonen.

You NEED to watch & listen to this – I guarantee your mood will have a Boost For Real:


LOL – recalling my test drive at Freetown Christiania 4 months ago – have a(n embarrassing) look – click here.

Karmakanonen at Christiania

Comment this post if you’re smiling by now!

THANK you so much for reading along, you guys make me happy and make all my blogging worthwhile.

Peace & Blog Love,


How To Get Happy: Watch Karmakanonen at Hipster Bridge, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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