Hot in Illum Copenhagen: My new Velorbis tie and butterfly

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Yesterday was my last official day at my Real Job before moving on to…? :-) Maybe a fulltime crazy blogger for real, maybe…

Anyways, I decided to celebrate new opportunities by visiting the new concept store of Velorbis, located in the grand Copenhagen shopping center Illum.

Velorbis in Illum

Click here  to watch the video

In the video I select 3 favorite accessories who Chris, one of the great guys of Velorbis, allow me to take home – and just wait, will be taking some feminine photos together with the masculine ties and butterflies – and will offer the gorgeous stuff in my shop too, Real Soon.

Velorbis in Illum

Fabulous Italiano ties! Love it.


Velorbis in Copenhagen

Colorful bicycle bells with a strong sound – hear it in the video.


Velorbis in Illum

Butterflies! SO hot and trendy again. Looking forward to wearing one together with a hot and smoky dress.


Well, I’ll hit the sack for now, tomorrow Wednesday I will visit Karmakanonen on the request of blog reader Andy Cutler.

Yep, a new day, new opportunities…



Peace & Blog Love,


Hot in Illum Copenhagen: My new Velorbis tie and butterfly, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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