Homeless Strawberries in Istedgade

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I met Jan when I was strolling down Istedgade. He was sitting on the stairs accompanied by a beer and some strawberries , at the entrance of Mændenes Hjem (Men’s Home), a home for the homeless and the outcast, with no place else to live.


– The strawberries are not mine, he says with a grin. The door opens and closes continuosly during our chat, both men and women; Mændenes Hjem seems pretty busy and booked.

I hesitate and think very hard of what to ask him – asking him about his favorite Copenhagen restaurant is just so much out of place!


I decide to ask him about his favorite place in Copenhagen. – I don’t know he replies. And then he tells me, almost in the same sentence, that he’s one of the inhabitants at the Men’s Home (I thought so).

Well, that’s the end of the conversation – a quiet and pleasant one, with a bit of awkwardness from my side. I feel a little sad when I leave Jan there at the stairs. So I had to google how it’s possible to support the inhabitants at Mændenes Hjem.

This is what we can do:

  1. Donate our used clothes
  2. Donate food – including leftovers from a big party
  3. Buy the Magazine Hus Forbi, DKK 20,- where DKK 12,- goes to the good cause, and DKK 8,- to the (homeless) salesmen
  4. Donate money – Nordea bank account no. 2191 8450 505 650

You can read more about the options here – only in Danish, though, but the home is open 24-7, so it’s always possible to step by Lille Istedgade 2,  1706 Copenhagen!

My love and thoughts go to Jan – and to other outcasts who are socially stigmated and have a hard time. I will sure do something; one or more of the four options above!





Homeless Strawberries in Istedgade, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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