Help Sabin get a job in Marketing and Advertising!

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Usually I don’t act like a business job recruiter when I meet the Copenhagen insiders for my blog posts. But meeting Sabin was different, we just got into talking business – and he seemed so sweet that I really wanted to help him.

Right now he’s in search for a job in digital works, marketing and advertising – and never having met Sabin before, never worked together with him; just by catching a glimpse of this man’s nice and warm personality, I will encourage you to take a look at his business profile.

Connect with Sabin and check out his business profile at LinkedIn

Who knows, maybe together we can help Sabin get a job.

If you do – before January 1st 2013 – I will take a winter bath in the Copenhagen harbour!!

This is me if/when we get Sabin a job…


Sabin loves La Vecchia Gastronomia, an Italian restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.


Life at Nørrebro is spectacular – coming home from my photo shoot I was high on endorphines, people and new insights! / CPH BLONDE aka a-g

Help Sabin get a job in Marketing and Advertising!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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