Happy Valentines Day from Copenhagen Black

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TODAY WAS SUCH A BLAST. We had planned on making only one video at The Living Room; the How to speak Danish in 10 sentences: A Survival Guide – coming up real soon.

But after all it’s Valentines Day… so filled with expectations that we thought we’d make just a little bit fun with it. Oh, I think it’s great to focus on love, but preferably every day! Although I may NOT have received this wonderful chocolate heart from A Special Guy, if he hadn’t felt the pressure of all the Valentines commercials (O;


Well, Valentines Day means a lot to many people. Also to one of my girlfriends, who – on Valentines Day and a supposedly romantic dinner – was told by her boyfriend that he actually never had been in love with her. And that was after two kids, station car and… OUCH.

Oh no, back to something more merry! I had such a good time introducing my brother Copenhagen Black, visiting from L.A.

Copenhagen Black

Copenhagen Black

Copenhagen Black

… glimpses above from the video, when Michelle from Generator Hostel Copenhagen was still pretty positive about her date ;)

Happy Valentines Day <3

Peace & Love,

Copenhagen Black


Happy Valentines Day from Copenhagen Black, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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