Handpicked by The European Commission – Or – Why You Should Always Check Your Spam Folder…

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european development days

“Dear Anne-Grete Belmadani,

The European Development Days is Europe’s largest development forum hosted by the European Commission’s International Cooperation and Development. Past speakers include Kofi Annan, George Soros and Aung San Suu Kyi. I think this year’s event will particularly interest you because a key theme is women entrepreneurs, ethical fashion and sustainable fashion…”.

Unfortunately I opened the email too late.

What more can I say, or do, except eating my blogger’s hat and make sure to check my spam folder in the future

Logistics were closed, but the PR agency did a brave job to try get me going to Brussels anyway; thanks for your great effort, Sanja & Co. :))

EDD, I’m ready next time:  So happy to be one of 20 selected journalists and bloggers, “who will also attend the press seminar, offering them exclusive access to world fashion leaders and other high level speakers”. I will take the opportunity here to express my gratitude, and say thank you to The European Commission for inviting me.

cphblonderoccamore-shoes-redDuring the past few days, ticket to Brussels or not, the invitation has made me think a lot about women entrepreneurship, and how I can make a difference. Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Frederikke, the founder of comfortable Danish designer shoes Roccamore. Our business talk turned out quite interesting; instead of merely focusing on marketing the products, Frederikke wants to promote female confidence as well. I’m definitely going to support Frederikke and Roccamore in this – more info coming up.

This strikes a parallel to the Womenomics Business Conference Copenhagen 2016, hosted by Above and Beyond Society at Børsen. I was kindly invited by Mette Lolholm at BMW Denmark, and what an interesting day;  new learnings and new contacts.

For instance, there was emphasize on the words we use. What we associate with for instance being girlie and feminine. I, too, believe it’s time to associate feminine with strong, and this we can support by visualizing it in PR campaigns and the media in general. Personally, women can walk the talk themselves – like I made an effort to at the opening of the Harbour Circle (left), bicycling in Roccamore Red Lucy’s… being the leading guide in charge on wheels, wearing high heels. Ps. I can highly recommend this special combination for up to… maximum 3 miles :D

You take care – stay strong, stay you xx

Peace & Love, a-g


From the Womenomics Business Conference Copenhagen 2016: Screendump from the gallery at www.absociety.dk

Handpicked by The European Commission - Or - Why You Should Always Check Your Spam Folder..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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