Guided Tours

Exclusive: Experience Copenhagen like a local – with CPH BLONDE

This guided tour is by bicycle and perfect for:

  • Visitors who would like insider tips and to experience Copenhagen the local way.
  • Inspiration on where to wine & dine and have a coffee, after the guided tour.
  • Also perfect for visitors who have been in Copenhagen before and want to learn more about the city.
    The tour includes a City Bike or you can bring your own bike!

The guided tour lasts 2,5 hours and begins at 12 am every day between February 1st – September 30th. DKK 450 – read more about the program and book now


The Copenhagen Urban Development Tour – with Architect Filip Zibrandtsen

Filip Zibrandtsen is partner and cofounder for the consulting company Urban Creators and work with a holistic approach to mobility planning and urban development. Filip is a creative and innovative planner and expert with over 25 years experience. Filip has worked with virtually all types of planning on both a large and small scale. Over the years, Filip has completed and won numerous development projects for his innovative solutions to integrated mobility and transport planning challenges with urban development’s many physical, technical, economical and strategical themes. Among other projects, Filip has worked with Northern Europe’s largest urban development; in North Harbour in Copenhagen. Filip is also an external lecturer and course leader in sustainable urban development at Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University. Contact us for price and more information