Guide to Copenhagen when you’re a student

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Blog reader Thiene emailed me on Facebook and asked for advice on where to go, when he’ll (maybe) visit Copenhagen together with his girlfriend this summer. Ps. We’re students, he says.

And well, how would I know? ;) A couple of years ago since I was a student… so I had to get out there on the street and catch some Copenhagener students in my blognet.

In Vesterbro I spot these two sweet guys:

Copenhagen students

Are you students? I ask. Oops, without introducing myself, I guess I’m about becoming a hardcore no-nonsense blogger (0; But the guys are cheery and friendly, and when they say “yes” I clap my blogger hands and make a little dance inside myself.

Copenhagen students

Morten and Niklas: – Where to go for one beer – or many beers? :-)

Cafe Dyrehaven

They recommend Cafe Dyrehaven (Cafe Deer Park), a modern bodega in Vesterbro. For the one beer(!)

For one or a lot of beers you should try Gefährlich Fusion Bar in Nørrebro.

Gefährlich Copenhagen

And when you want to go dancing… try Jolene in The Meatpacking District.

Jolene Copenhagen




Guide to Copenhagen when you're a student, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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