Gudbjørn and his Bikes for a Better World

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I’m spotting Gudbjørn (right) just about the time he leaves to go home from work. I’m approaching…


Gudbjørn turns out to be a nice fellow – like all my Copenhageners :) – and he tells me he’s from Iceland. And that he loves Anne’s Gademad (street food) – check it out right here.


So much about the food… I love food and all these Copenhagener insider gourmet tips make me even more keen on dining out (0:

But what’s SO interesting here is the Baisikeli concept. Baisikeli is both a café and a bike rental – and the money goes to social welfare projects in Africa. Read more about the superb concept.

Ps. You can also buy your new used bike her. Well, it’s not new, but totally renewed! Actually I once bought a used Kildemoes street bike here, the brakes were new, the chain… it was nice and ready-to-go, at a reasonable price.

Take care, see you on the blog tomorrow! I post 6 am sharp every single day, so if you’re an early bird now you know what to read together with your morning coffee…

Celebrate life, celebrate yourself!




Gudbjørn and his Bikes for a Better World, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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