Green Gorgeous Woman at Bryggebroen

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Kit seems so relaxed and not affected at all by the strong winds at Bryggebroen. She loves Copenhagen especially for being such a green city, perfect for bicycling.


How I just fancy her colors, blue and red in a sweet mix of soft fabrics.


Holding on to my hat: Clotilde Imbert has taken the above photos. Check out more great pictures on her Facebook site!

Clotilde on Facebook

Peace & Blog Love,


Ps. … and today; holding on to my head, too… (; Went to classic Café Victor in Ny Østergade last night and enjoyed plenty of (…) delicious rose wine together with my BFF Topsilden:

Cafe Victor Copenhagen




Green Gorgeous Woman at Bryggebroen, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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