Go flash your feathers: It’s spring time!

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Got these flashy feather ear rings in the H&M Divided department.

What else have I been flashing… ehh, doing today? Well, taking my new Velorbis magic vehicle for a ride.

Just think about it, I managed to carry 4 full bags from grocery shopping (there are two of them in the basket) – on 1 bicycle. Impressive! Usually I need a car – van! – to get all those groceries home.

So now I go grocery shopping only once a week…;)

Have a flashy fantastic Wednesday!

a-g xx

Ps. Off-the record story: Lost one bag on the ground when packing the bike – cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes all over the parking lot… One guy laughed at me AND offered to help. No thanks, I’ll manage myself… I was definitely not in the mood to be laughed at:/ Now, 8 hours later I’m slowly being able to laugh at the situation myself…

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