Getting our blog priorities straight: What’s YOUR blog decision for 2012?

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Happy New Year! It’s only the beginning of January, and I have already made a couple of important decisions – two big no’s, giving me more 2012 time for – yes, spending more time with my family and blog more often. 

Photo: Rikke Sonne

This Christmas vacation has been darn relaxing. Can’t say I’m sleep deprived:D Also, I enjoyed translating my new Danish ebook to English: The Naked Truth About Blogging.

Translating is hard work, and yep, I’m not done yet – so keeping focused on the outcome was and still is crucial; visualizing the ebook ripe and ready in English, me now being able to reach an even larger English speaking audience, and help even more people kickstart their own blog and enjoy the fabulous life of being a blogger!

And decision making is fun, when you do what it takes – and you reach your goal.

So why don’t you join me here on the blogspot, right now, in making 1 good blog decision for yorself? :)

Blog love,

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