Galerie Knud Grothe: Highlight From My Week with MINI John Cooper Works

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Danish artist Mikael Olrik and I at Galerie Knud Grothe, in front of one his NY paintings. Photo by Lars-Erik Nielsen

Driving MINI John Cooper Works to Galerie Knud Grothe in Charlottenlund this Saturday – and then have the opportunity to meet artist Mikael Olrik in person, and enjoy his spectacular New York skyline paintings. Well, that must be the major highlight for MINI & I. The exhibition lasts until September 27, and I warmly recommend you to step by the gallery – go, go!

I’ll bring an interview with Mikael Olrik – here on the blog, so stay tuned

MINI John Cooper Works and I going to Galerie Knud Grothe

Here we are, parking at Jægersborg Alle. I still haven’t practiced parallel parking and my parking skills in general – and thus had to walk for quite a while, to get to the lovely art gallery.

When reaching my destination, I notice with slight envy some other MINI driver obviously knows how to park…

Galerie Knud Grothe

At the entrance I’m greeted by Hans who serves champagne and seafood.

Galerie Knud Grothe

Oh, memory lane – let’s sum it all up, my week with MINI John Cooper Works, in one collage. The bottom right photo is taken only seconds before I return the key back to car dealer Jan Nygaard in Lyngby:

MINI John Cooper Works

MINI has supported me in living a very comfortable and extended Copenhagen lifestyle. I still took the Metro when going to my office at Kongens Nytorv; Copenhagen public transport rules when it comes to getting around in central Copenhagen. But when it comes to going to for instance Hellerup, only 5 km away from my office, the MINI was brilliant. It has helped me explore outer city Copenhagen in the best possible way.

And did having my own car make me lazy? On the contrary. MINI made it possible for me to take a 10 minute drive from my home, to Hareskoven, and have an awesome 10 km run in the forest. And oh, it felt good afterwards to have a chilled bottle of water ready in the car, sit down, relax and drive home with great music from the speakers – love it.

I was absolutely thrilled with the bluetooth tech of the car. Playing my favorite music on Spotify. Sometimes I chose just to sit in the car and speak to Mama Norway on my cell phone, hands off and so to say  with superb surround sound.

And the sports engine… vroooom, cute meets fast.

Dear MINI John Cooper Works, thank you for bringing me around in such a charming, efficient and fun way.



Galerie Knud Grothe: Highlight From My Week with MINI John Cooper Works, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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