From Paris to Copenhagen with love

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Paris in Copenhagen

Victoire and Julien were taking photos of my great Red Lady Velorbis bike – when I got the idea of taking photos of them.

Paris in Copenhagen

The cute couple is from Paris and came to Copenhagen yesterday – and will stay for 2 more days. Gosh, and SO lucky with the nice Danish weather :D

Paris in Copenhagen

Here Julien shows his cool hey-dude-you’re-talking-to-me side? (;

Having almost just arrived, they can already recommend Cafe Salonen in Sankt Peders Stræde – “try their salad”!

Cafe Salonen

After taking photos of the goodlooking French couple in the sunshine, I step by Helle Thorup Spa to have a Nude Look makeup.

Being born with such a fair skin – pale, ghostlike, whateva (: I have given up years ago the dream of looking sunkissed and J-Lo tanned. Tried self-tanners too, never worked…

SO I decided to have makeup artist and spa owner Helle Thorup get the chance to make the best out of my fair skin. Here’s the result:

a-g before after Helle Thorup

Nice and fresh look, don’t you think? I’m very pleased myself with not looking to overmakeup’ed. Incredible what makeup can do!

I’m planning on making an ebook so other pale chicks can get this look too – more info coming up.

And guess who’s my photographer… The Macedonian Paris Hilton who I interviewed on the street last week..

Billy and S

… and her husband, they are both photographers, so great fun keeping in touch with them.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Peace & Blog Love



From Paris to Copenhagen with love, 9.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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