Firstly, I threw their bicycles on the ground…

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Why are you visiting Copenhagen? – To meet blondes! ;)

… then I asked them to appear on my blog!

Well, the story is half true. It’s true I accidentally made Grant’s (right) bicycle tip over and hit the ground with a bang. And it’s true I apologized – looked at the guys, and then I thought wauw! I need those guys on my blog…

Will and Grant are brothers, living in Los Angeles. They’ve been in Copenhagen for a couple of days, and they were well prepared, having asked around for good Copenhagen restaurants in advance. Here’s what they told me:

Grant: – Make sure to go to Fiskebaren and have their oysters for a starter – hake(?) for main course (me: well, just ask for hake and see what happens!).

Will: – And have dinner at Madklubben and enjoy their chicken in red wine sauce.


Firstly, I threw their bicycles on the ground..., 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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