Finding Love in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen - by Albå G. Franquesa

Copenhagen – by Albå G. Franquesa


Inspired by the No. 1 photo in our photo contest, saying it’s only love, give it away, I decided to go searching for Copenhagen Love.

Taking a pit stop at Storkespringvandet, opposite classic Copenhagen Cafe Norden, I caught sight of this lovely couple within 30 seconds:

Copenhagen Love


And then, only a minute later…

Copenhagen Love

Copenhagen Love

Actually, it’s quite nice to sit down at Strøget and just watch people. Here are some more photos, not as steamy as the first ones (O; – but anyway…

Copenhagen Love

Copenhagen Love

There was also The Friendly Hug:

Copenhagen Love


Oh yes, peace & SO much love to you too!


Finding Love in Copenhagen, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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