Feeling So Grateful

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Spending a few minutes here on the Monday morning train, thinking about the people in my life, who really make it worthwhile being a-g belmadani.

And the funny thing is, sometimes a person will pass through your life – just briefly – with just one single piece of Good Advice. And that was just what you needed at that time, yes, to make life Really Good.

My belief is no expectations; I take the full responsibility of creating happiness in MY life.

And that’s why I am So Grateful: Then, when people show me love – maybe in the shape of that single piece of golden advice – I just appreciate it so much.

Celebrate Life – Celebrate You!


Ps. Grateful for my daughter Marie, too – and for her lending me her beautiful flower picture! Check out her blog at http://mariebelmadani.blogspot.dk/?m=1. You take care out there!

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