Favorite Copenhagen Man: Brian Laudrup

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Unibet Brian Laudrup

brianlaudrupWell, hello there! Walking the Copenhagen streets nowadays is quite a pleasure. Not only because of the increasingly cosy Christmas atmosphere and decorations…

Ever since Danish former national football player Brian Laudrup exchanged his TV speaker job – with becoming ambassador for the betting company Unibet, his good looks are shared and for all girls to enjoy, everywhere on commercials in the city.

Together with his brother Michael, they are regarded as two of the best Danish footballers ever, with their highly developed technique and elegant ball control.


Unibet has just made this infographic, illustrating how new technology can increase your chances of winning at the casinos, in ways that are a bit too creative – also how technology can reveal the bad guys…



google glasses Actually, I would love to have a pair of Google glasses – not for the casino, more for the fashion sake of it :O)

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday, Copenhagen friend xx.


Peace & Love,


Favorite Copenhagen Man: Brian Laudrup, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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