Copenhagen Fashion on a Friday: Oh, Cristiano Ronaldo!

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Christiano Ronaldo

Well, hello there! And boy, have I always wanted Cristiano Ronaldo on my blog. So, when I receive a press release about CR launching the new CR7 shirts this Wednesday, I realize I have no choice: The hot football player is destined to appear on CPH BLONDE.

“Hope you like them”, Sophie from Cristiano Ronaldo’s PR agency mischievously says about the photos at the end of the email… haha (O;

Yes, sorry guys, I know you think this blog post is solely targeted a female audience. But oh no, don’t wait for your girlfriend to read this post and order a shirt for you. Be happy you ever saw this post and go get yourself a great looking CR7 shirt, for your own sake and for us girls :D

Ronaldo says of the project, “Part of my belief is always being the best that you can be. The perfect fitting shirt gives a man the confidence to become the best version of himself possible.”

Worldwide shipping: Whether you live in Copenhagen or elsewhere in the worldwide web, you can order from the new CR7 Shirts collection here.

And girls, there are more photos in Sophie’s lovely email…

CR7 shirts

Cristiano adds the following fashion statement:

“For me, a strong foundation is the most important thing throughout every area of my life. In my sporting life, a strong foundation enables me to perform at my very best and I apply the same principle to my personal life, business life and the way I dress. Dressing well gives me confidence to be the best that I can be and underwear with a great fit and modern, stylish shirts are the starting point of every look.”

Heard – and happy Friday out there!

Peace & Love,


Ps. Tomorrow you can win this ECCO Leather clutch in a subtle green – right here on the blog:

ecco dalaman clutch bag

Copenhagen Fashion on a Friday: Oh, Cristiano Ronaldo!, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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