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A Copenhagen girl, born in Norway. Her name is Anne-Grete Belmadani aka a-g, and she works as a blogger, speaker and web editor in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A fashion & lifestyle blog about Copenhagen Fabulous Life. Now portraying all kinds of Copenhagen Real People – and revealing their insider tips on great Copenhagen food and lifestyle.

Does CPH BLONDE speak English with a Danish or a Norwegian accent?
Well, both actually… check out here if YOU can hear the difference:

 What is the VIP CPH BLONDE Club?
A club for those of you enjoy Copenhagen – FREE instant access and you can always unsubscribe. Free give-aways – and contests, mostly global so where ever you live in the world wide (web), you have a fair chance to win luxury lifestyle products and adventures. Sounds interesting? Sign up in the right column of this blog!

Does CPH BLONDE have other blogs as well?
Yes, she has a lifestyle blog at I FORM (in Danish), named Mama Cool.

What makes CPH BLONDE happy?
To meet people on the Copenhagen streets and have a chat. Grasp their personality in one single picture. To make other people happy.


FAQ - CPH BLONDE, 9.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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