Exclusive Wine Tasting in Copenhagen: What Food Goes Well With This Wine?

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Holy… Friday was like a fairy tale. Had the pleasure of welcoming Gunnhild Bjørnsti (below), wine journalist for Norwegian womens magazine Tara – to our brand new Exclusive Wine Tasting in Copenhagen event, for both men and women, B2B and private parties, hosted by the exquisite wine house of Ladegourdie. Danish TV channel TV2 Lorry stepped by and filmed the event during the welcome, and blind tasting (above). Thus the black wine glasses, making it impossible to see whether it’s a white, rose or a red wine. Great fun, and now I’m proud to know the difference in taste between Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc!

Eksklusiv vinsmaking Tara København

Oh, just look at her. Meeting Gunnhild in person for the first time was quite extraordinary. You know, she’s the kind of person whose positive personality shines like a star and embraces you like a soft blanket, the kind of person you just feel like giving a hug. Thank you, Annie, for the introduction :))

… and say hello to the lovely and amazing Annie. And the exclusive and generous menu of the evening:

Vinsmaking Ladegourdie

What a wonderful dinner – what a wonderful company.

Eksklusiv vinsmaking hos Ladegourdie

Annelise Ladegourdie talked passionately about wine and how you combine it with food. She encouraged us to challenge the habit of first choosing the food, and then find the wine that fits:

First choose the wine – and then ask yourself: What food would go well with this wine?

Vinsmaking Ladegourdie

Annelise is a woman who knows her wine, growing up in the wine yards of France. And in the French kitchen, she learned how to combine wine with food. Here we enjoy the wine – and the omg main course, roast beef culotte with shallot sauce:

Copenhagen wine tasting

Masterchef Oui ruled the Ladegourdie kitchen:

Copenhagen wine tasting

Copenhagen wine tasting

The Domaine Valmont de Peronny 2010 (left) was one of my favorite wines this evening:

Copenhagen wine tasting

Ahh, dessert:

Copenhagen wine tasting

Chin Chin, Gunnhild & Co. <3 <3 <3

Copenhagen wine tasting

Interested in joining an Exclusive Wine Tasting in Copenhagen?

Please write me here – looking forward to give you a fabulous evening

Peace & Love,


Ps. After the event Gunnhild, Annie and I partied on in the Copenhagen night life – cocktails and more champagne at Fugu, Gammel Strand 42. No pictures, please ;)

Pss. Before blind tasting and dinner, we enjoyed a welcome drink in the wine cellar – and learned a lot from the start, including what the bubbles in a great champagne should look like:

Copenhagen wine tasting

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Exclusive Wine Tasting in Copenhagen: What Food Goes Well With This Wine?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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