Don’t Bother Go Copenhagen Dancing at Lusso

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Cafe Victor

… it’s a waste of time – more on this in the below. Choose Cafe Victor instead! Hey, you may say, Cafe Victor is not a discotheque? Well, my two friends and I sure turned it into a disco last night ;) Topsilden, Rigmor from Madame Bijoux Copenhagen and I rose from the dining table –  and took it away on the spot, dancing to the lovely music. Soon after a group of impressively 28 wonderful and cheerful Norwegian ladies joined us on the “dance floor”, they had also dined at the sophisticated Paris<3-meets-Copenhagen restaurant.

Oh, what a night. Of course we wore the dazzling jewelry of Madame Bijoux Copenhagen. Did I say you can enjoy 10% off by writing the discount code “CPH BLONDE”, when ordering in the webshop?

Cafe Victor CopenhagenCafe VictorCafe VictorThe sweet male waiters at Cafe Victor obviously fancied the jewelry as well… they complimented us for our bling bling from the moment we arrived.

I just love these three photos – and I love that spending an evening at Cafe Victor is always worthwhile.


At Cafe Victor you just know you’ll have delicious food, good wine & drinks, funky music, the best treatment by the attentive waiters. And lots of fun.

Lusso Copenhagen

One grumpy Copenhagen blonde (;

So – when saying goodbye to Madame Bijoux Copenhagen, who had to get up early this morning due to business, Topsilden and I planned to continue dancing at Lusso night club just 10 footsteps away, our spirits were high. Unfortunately we stood in line for 45 minutes , before we decided to just go home. Standing in line for a long time is common at the popular clubs, I know, but this was different: We were standing in line together with only 3 other persons, and people kept on leaving the club – without the doormen allowing any new persons to enter. After counting 30 goodbye saying persons, the other guys waiting in line started to get a little bit annoyed, too. They asked the doormen why they couldn’t get in, when there had been numerous of guests leaving the place? Then the doormen answered arrogantly, that we couldn’t get in before other guests had left. ?? After a (long) while the line was restricted to only Topsilden and I, the others had given up.

So – we left the line, too. Too bad about Lusso, never been there before but have heard so much good stuff about it. I had really looked forward to ordering champagne and dancing on the tables; yes, they actually invite you to! I’ve heard they have leather straps in the ceiling to hold on to, so dancing with stilettos – on tables – is pretty safe :D

Fortunately the evening before standing in the Lusso line had been such a blast, so when it comes to it:

Thank you, Cafe Victor, for hosting such a fantastic pre-Christmas party, for my friends and I


Peace & Love,


Cafe Victor
Ny Østergade 8
DK-1101 København K
Phone No: +45 33 13 36 13


Don't Bother Go Copenhagen Dancing at Lusso, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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