Danish actress Laura Drasbæk is blonde – for a moment

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Hey, check out the picture, there are different shades of blonde! Danish actress Laura Drasbæk (left) has a golden touch, and according to the popular movie chick it’s only due to her role in her new upcoming movie… anyways, her blonde look made her all the way to my Copenhagen Blonde blog :-)

I met Laura at a pre-launch for the Discovery and TLC TV channel, where Laura this Sunday (Aug. 26th) is starring in the Danish TV program På egen krop: Laura Drasbæk i solen. Speak Danish? Make sure to watch the program on the Danish TLC channel on Sunday 9 pm CET!

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Laura on the best thing about Copenhagen: 
To walk down Nørrebrogade one sunny morning with my children. Life on Nørrebro is so authentic, there’s an urban energy that is totally unique.

Laura’s favorite part of Copenhagen: 

Vis stort kort

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