Cute Guy with Kids – on Islands Brygge

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What is it about cute guys with kids (or dogs:) )? Like most women on Islands Brygge this day, my attention was drawn towards this beautiful man, whose warm eyes and positive attitude just… asked for CPH BLONDE to make an interview!

Unfortunately this blogger of yours was robbed of her iPhone yesterday, in the middle of Nørreport Station, with a zipped bag – including the interview text – and now I can’t remember the name of this sweet guy.

However, I remember him recommending Café Alma being the best place to eat at Islands Brygge; choose the burger with fries – and dip them in chili sauce.


 Oh, no wonder I just <3 my Copenhageners!

Check out another great picture from my superb photographer Clotilde Imbert – click here.

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Cute Guy with Kids - on Islands Brygge, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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