Copenhagen Selfie – or Selfish?

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Ohh, selfies… I read somewhere we are about to getting really, really tired of (other people’s) selfies. The above video from Nokia challenges that selfies don’t have to be purely selfish – we can use the phenomenon to for instance support the cause against online bullying – like Nokia does by introducing the auction of The Selfie Collection. Which by the way includes insanely beautiful Chanel earrings :) – check out the video.

Can you focus on yourself – when also focusing on others?

I think there’s an important message here. Well, Bradley Cooper made a most-clicked-on tweet with a selfie when receiving an Oscar this year – selfies are increasing and obviously here to stay, according to statistics from


Hmm… a quick look at my own selfies – just a few of them, haha! – tells me they’re mostly on the purely selfish side:


The Nokia commercial has made me think in a wider perspective, how I can use social media myself – even more consciously – in order to make a difference for others. Maybe like Nokia make an auction with a few of my designer items, and make the profit go to a good cause – or? Right now I don’t know exactly how – so please comment if you’ve got an idea. To be continued…

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Copenhagen Selfie - or Selfish?, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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