Copenhagen Madonna – and her two Brahims who love ice tea

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Ice tea at Cafe Norden Copenhagen

Jannik and Thomas: Go for the ice tea at Cafe Norden!

LOL – didn’t think of the connection before I saw the photos; me looking like the pop icon herself – well, in a granny version, don’t know what happened to that pretty green dress, looked less nanny/granny this morning… Well, let me at least think I look the slightest like our great Madonna!

Brahim and Madonna

The Real Madonna with boyfriend Brahim.

20131104-164342.jpg On the photo (left) Granny here is together with two young and cute fashionistas.

Yep,  here I am in the middle of Copenhagen Strøget – it’s raining – and I ask the guys the following serious question:

What to do in Copenhagen when it’s raining?

– Just stay outside and go for a walk, Jannik and Thomas say. – The city is just as beautiful when it rains!

Well said… but how about when it rains dogs & cats?
Cafe Norden, go for their famous ice tea!

20131104-164317.jpgPeace & Love,


Ps. Go get Madonna Fit together with me – click here.






Copenhagen Madonna - and her two Brahims who love ice tea, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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