Copenhagen iPhone Repair – and Bicycle Pimp Day

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Oh hello, gorgeous ;) My Velorbis lady in red has been pimped with red leather grips – and a red steel basket.

Tested the basket immediately by filling it with 6 bottles of Chablis at a discount… it worked very well!


I also pampered my bike with a red leather mud flap.


Holy bikarony, now I rule the streets of Copenhagen(!)! (O;


And being in the let’s-get-stuff-done mood, I finally had the glass of my iPone 5 repaired.


Been refusing to spend DKK 2.200 on getting the job done. And luckily I met David at DKTech at Frederiksborggade 37 by Nørreport Station.

Nice Price of DKK 1.400 – minus 10%, especially for you lovely readers! Print this blog post – or just say CPH BLONDE, and the discount is yours.

DKTech by Nørreport Station

Leaves us with a final price of DKK 1.260. Still expensive, but at least almost DKK 1.000 less than the competitors.

Alright, Copenhagen Friend, wishing you a fabulous Monday – and a stunning week :)

Peace & Blog Love,

Copenhagen iPhone Repair - and Bicycle Pimp Day, 9.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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